CNC-Swiss type machines by Maier: Made in Germany.

CNC-Swiss-type machines by MAIER are based – as much as possible - on modular components with established German quality. This guarantees, among other things, the highest reliability of all Swiss-type machines, and a reliable spare parts inventory. Furthermore, making it possible to change, or to customize the machine to an individual customers need.

The new Maier C6


The NEW Maier C6 

Efficient, precise and fast!

MORE Flexibility for MORE Machining





Maier ProLine

As much technology as needed • as much performance as needed • as much practical use as possible : The Pro-Line-Series stands out due to an accurate grading of performance and work possibilities. Therefore the Pro-Line-Series covers a wide range of manufacturing.

Maier Hybrid

Lathe- and Swiss-Type-machines combined in one machine. With and without the use of guide-bushings • quick change within 20 minutes from lathe to Swiss-Type.

Maier Basic

The basic manufacturing solution for a broad range of manufacturing tasks. Short term delivery. Highest economic efficiency at a price, which will surprise you.

Maier Linear

The manufacturing solution for small parts and small series production – highly productive and precise, in various designs depending on the machining spectrum needed.