Maier ProLine


For ultimate demands

Whether simple or complex workpieces, ProLine HYBRID/BASIC can satisfy even the highest of standards. The MLK 32/36 Hybrid and the ML 20/26 Basic have a wide range of machining options - all at an unbeatable price! The machine has a rod-loading magazine 
(Ø  3-36 mm) and a swarf conveyor.

System 1 main spindle

  • 5 turning blanks 12x12 mm / 4 turning blanks 16x16 mm
  • 4 powered tools, transverse (including spindles)
  • Cranked drill holder for the face end and/or the reverse side 5 x Ø 20 mm / 3x Ø 25 mm added (simultaneous machining is possible)
  • C-axis on main spindle

System 2 counter-spindle

  •   Machining of reverse side with 4-fold powered tool carrier or with additional Y2 axis with 8 tools, of which up to 4 are powered
  •   C-axis on counter-spindle

Powered machining of reverse side

  •   4 tool positions on the reverse side to reduce primary time, with the option of a Y2 axis with 8 tools, of which 4 are powered 

Drill carrier

  •   With option of 3 powered transverse tools and 3 front-end powered tools