Maier ProLine

A / B

Simple but precise

Series A
Simple but precise and at an unbeatable price. The ML-ProLine Series A is suitable for the machining of turned parts with simple geometry.
Guarantees you maximum amortization for simple turned parts (without a milling option).

  • 4 axes
  •  up to 12 tools (not powered)

Series B
Simple, precise and inexpensive. For simple turned parts. With gripper spindle and 3x transverse machining.

  • 3 additional tools facilitate transverse machining
  • 5 axes
  •  up to 15 tools (3 powered)
  •  including 3 powered tool holders
  •  C-axis on main spindle 5° mechanical indexing
  •  C-axis on counter-spindle 5° mechanical indexing