Reduction of production costs, increase in rate of production output

The high-end machine for machining complex workpieces has 5 axes. It can be equipped with up to 21 tools and therefore constitutes an economical solution The Maier product range is being developed further all the time and it offers a wide range of topical innovations which add new production options to machining operations with CNC turning and milling machines.

The Series Alpha DiA Robodrill from Maier is a superlative all-rounder. This can boost the productivity of milling, drilling and recently also turning operations, achieving an ultimate level of precision, versatility and reliability.

Thanks to the versatile datum point clamping system made by YERLY (other providers on demand), the models can be adapted very rapidly to meet a vast array of different requirements.

Automation made easy - now take a closer look! FANUC Robodrill – MAIER automation
All models of the FANUC Robodrill are ideal for upgrading with a very wide range of different MAIER automation solutions with their compact shape and ease of access from all sides.

Through the combination of a fourth axis with a swivel range of 100° and a freely programmable fifth axis that can act as an autonomous spindle, maximum rotational workpiece speeds of 1000 rpm can be achieved (max. dimensions 100x100x100 mm). This opens up a completely new way of machining your workpieces.  

All from a single source
Another reason for deciding in favor of a MAIER-optimized Fanuc Robodrill is that overall responsibility is then taken for the entire project. Complete turnkey solution from Maier.



Height525 mm
Length660 mm
Width400 mm
Swivel range100°
Max. speed1000 rpm
Input rating12 kW
Weightapprox. 320 kg



The recently developed hybrid long-turning and laser machining center combines and complements classical chip-cutting operations (turning, drilling, milling, grinding) with laser processing. This combination opens up entirely new machining options such as:

  • The manufacture of complex contours and recess cuts
  • Micro-structuring of surfaces
  • Laser machining with a cutting depth of 10 mm
  • Application of laser engraving
  • Optimization of the swarf forming behavior

FANUC fiber laser

  • With a wavelength of 1070 microns for ultimate precision
  • Integrated laser CNC to control the laser source and the machine tool
  •  Pulse Bottom Command function


The JUMP 4.0 consortium

Development of a dynamic technology evaluation system to assess the technical capabilities of SMEs in respect of customer requirements, and to identify specific needs to enable any areas of uncertainty relating to investments in Industry 4.0 technologies to be addressed effectively.

As part of this project, the relevant work content and workplaces will also be addressed. This will provide each SME with an individual roadmap for the selection of optimum technologies, and to enable them to establish appropriate work-related organizational structures.

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