About Us

Custom manufacturing technology

Where we come from

MAIER CNC Swiss-Type Automatics are the result of years of experience, successful innovation and the consistent reply to our customers' needs. The machine concept is the result of a clear vision: To design and build machines of the finest quality, by hand. Machines, capable of machining at the highest level, with ultimate precision and the shortest production times. This basic idea, by the company’s founder Herbert Maier has grown from his many years in the metal working industry  as well as, in maintaining and rebuilding CNC Swiss-Type Automatics. It still represents the company’s philosophy today. Due to this expansive, but highly specialized knowledge, MAIER Swiss-Type Automatics are sophisticated machines, built to the finest detail and adaptable to any application requirement. Profit from our long-range experience

Where we stand today

The secret of our success: We offer machines, "built in series" and individually adapted to the customer’s specific needs and production requirement. Therefore, we focus on a cleverly devised, modular concept, where the different types of machines vary mainly by their complexity of machining possibilities. Our current product portfolio ranges from machines processing simple work pieces with 4 CNC axes and a maximum of 11 tool stations up to our “High-End-F-Series” for complete machining with 16 CNC-axes and up to 40 tools.

Designed by practical engineers for the practical use

Due to our own practical experience the Maier customer can look forward to a fully comprehensive machine tool purchase experience. Which includes intensive support in setting up the machine, the selection of attachments and tooling for customized production applications and the ease of start up and careful instruction of the operating personal.