Further development founded upon experience

Maier long-turning machines are the outcome of many years of experience, of continuous further development and of consistent focus on the needs of the market. These machines constitute the all-round and convincing outcome of a vision: That of developing and manufacturing machines entirely by ourselves.

Machines that enable the user to machine metal at a high level: Ultra-precise, fast and to optimum quality. That was and still remains the basic notion of Herbert Maier, the man who founded the company. Decades of vocational experience in the machining of metal resulted in a modular system that enables standard machines to be adapted to meet the requirements of each user.

It is this immense breadth of application-related expertise that makes the long-turning machines made by Maier into such fully mature products, in which every last detail has been crafted skillfully, and makes them suitable for a vast array of fields of application.


Benefit from our extensive experience.

Machines made by practitioners on behalf of practitioners

The secret of our great success: We provide standard machines adapted to meet the needs of each customer and his specific production problem. For this, we employ an ingenious modular concept in which the different types of machine are distinguished primarily by the type and complexity of machining options. Our range currently extends from machines that machine simply workpieces using four CNC axes and a maximum total of eleven tools up to high-end machines in our F Series for total machining solutions involving 15 CNC axes and up to 38 tools.

In all models, we deliberately dispense with fancy options and over-dimensioning. The modular system that covers all types enables our customers to purchase precisely the technology that they genuinely need in practical daily contexts. The outcome is high quality and durability at an economical price. Benefit from our carefully conceived process!