Machining and automation from a single source

Through consistent application of the modular design strategy, we are also able to cater for your very specific needs in terms of automation and requirements. Your capable partner for turnkey machines, systems and plant.

All from a one-stop shop: Design, simulation, planning, assembly, documentation, CE-conformity, maintenance, and service. This improves the process stability of turning and drilling operations.

The FANUC Robodrill with Maier 4/5-axis and Roboflex automation - making it your very own Robodrill from Maier

MAIER offers a range of different hardware, automation, and software. With this, the Robodrill can be adapted for highly productive operation in a wide range of applications, precisely chosen to satisfy the requirements of each machining process. Like all FANUC products, the Robodrill delivers first-class reliability, ease of operation and the ability to specialize on a defined task. The right accessory improves production output while continuing to achieve high standards of quality, regardless of the complexity of the machining processes.


The Robodrill is on of the most frequently sold machines in the world

  • Compact and easy to operate, with a very long track record
  • Modular automation that can be extended flexibly:
    Conveyor belt, shuttle, drawer, handle in the box, vibration conveyor, etc.
  • Integration of other processes:
    Measuring, lettering, deburring, grinding, etc.

Sufficiently modular also to be used on other machine tools: Turning, grinding, milling, eroding, and a great deal more.

Special processes and tasks call for exceptional machines. Customers often come to us with ideas that are completely original. No problem for us! After all, there is a first time for everything.